Working safe 

Clinipath Pathology's Commercial Testing Services cover a wide range of testing for public and private organisations; insurance, employers, biotechnology, food, environment and government. 

We have accreditation to AS/NZS 4308:2008 for testing drugs of abuse.

We can test for all the common drugs via Urine, Instant cup or Oral fluid (saliva) testing.

Clinipath Pathology has an extensive network of Collection Centres dedicated to collecting specimens for drug testing.

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locations for routine and AS4308:2008 drug screen collection. 

We have the best trained and qualified collectors in the industry, and can perform testing onsite at remote locations.

Our quality services include:

  • Fast, Accurate, Reliable results
  • Tailored testing to your policy
  • Toxicologist support
  • NATA Accredicated Lab & Centres

  • Blanket Testing
  • Random Testing
  • For Cause Testing
  • Confirmation Testing



For enquiries and quotes please call (08) 9371 4421