Clinipath Pathology offers referring doctors the opportunity to use an Electronic Order Entry (EOE) system.

  • Currently available for MD2, MD3 and Best Practice users. 


  • Patient demographics, clinical notes and requested tests are uploaded to the laboratory database (through our existing Fetch download software), reducing transcription errors and improving result matching when electronic results are returned via the download process.
  • An enhanced Pathology Request window in the medical software, allowing the creation of your Favourite Tests, Patient Tests (requested for a patient regularly) and the ability to create multiple "single click" Test Panels. (An unlimited number of Favourites and Panels can be created).
  • Access to a searchable list of all tests performed by Clinipath Pathology.
  • Immediate access to additional information / collection criteria for specialised or esoteric tests.
  • Provision of a pending list of "tests in progress" for all patients, (showing only those patients who have presented their request form and have had specimens collected). This is updated regularly and provided as a desktop icon.


Features are already available in MD2/MD3, (but are not "turned on").   Contact your Clinipath Pathology Business Development Officer who will assist in enabling Electronic Order Entry within your Clinic.