Bulk billing policy for inpatients and outpatients

We will bulk bill:

  • All Pensioners
  • Healthcare cardholders
  • Veteran Affairs patients
  • Children under 16 years
  • When your doctor directs us to on the request form 

Please have your Medicare card, Healthcare card or Veterans Affairs card with you when you have a pathology test.

Inpatient Private Accounts

If you are in hospital or had day surgery at the time of your test.

  • Private accounts - Affiliated Health Funds
    Clinipath Pathology has a 'no-gap' arrangement with a number of private health funds.

           These are listed here - Health fund agreements.

  • To enable us to invoice your health fund on your behalf, we require your Private Health Fund and Medicare numbers.

         Private accounts - non Affiliated Funds

  • You will receive a private account, part of which will be claimable from Medicare and your Health Fund.
    Medicare and your Health Fund payment may not cover the entire fee.
    Our maximum gap for these accounts is $100.
  • Uninsured Patients
    You will receive a private account with a maximum gap payable of $100.


Outpatient Private Accounts
This is when you attend one of our collection centres in person, are visited at home by one of our collectors or have your specimen collected by your own doctor/nurse.

Part of the private account will usually be claimable from Medicare.  The remainder, up to a maximum of $100, will be payable by you.

This out of pocket expense does not include any Non-rebatable tests.

Non-Rebatable Tests

For some tests, Medicare requires that patients satisfy certain criteria before a rebate applies, and/or limits frequency of the testing. 

For some tests, Medicare does not provide any rebate at all. Patients are responsible for the costs of these tests, and they are not included in our $100 maximum gap for privately billed rebatable tests.

Common Non-Rebatable Tests include:

  • Harmony - Non invasive prenatal test
  • ThinPrep
  • HPV
  • Mantoux


For costs on these, please call accounts on 9371 4460

Account queries can be emailed to accounts@clinipath.net