Our experienced Senior Scientists and Department Managers are available to assist you. Their contact details are below.

Shiney BennyData Entry(08) 9371 4401email
Sascha CampbellWA Specialist Clinic - Practice Manager(08) 9371 4535email
Lynette FranciscoCouriers(08) 9371 4361email
Laurie HainkeSerology(08) 9371 4491email
John JohnsonHaematology(08) 9371 4265email
Carol LeppardImmunology(08) 9371 4481email
Bill McConnellBiochemistry, Toxicology(08) 9371 4241email
Sindy CrowtherMicrobiology(08) 9371 4301email
Hazel FlowerWA Specialist Clinic - Nurse Manager(08) 9371 4539email
Clint GoodwinSupply Department(08) 9371 4551email
Lonnie BolwerkCytology(08) 9371 4381email
Ann PoolePatient Services Manager(08) 9371 4320email
Megan Scott Duty Manager(08) 9371 4441email
Ross ThomasHistopathology(08) 9371 4281email
Kelly DuttonQuality Manager(08) 9371 4228email
Nicola TullbergResults & Enquiries(08) 9371 4341email