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Skin Cancer Surgical Audit

Our Skin Cancer Audit provides referring doctors with relevant, statistical peer comparisons that can refine diagnostic and collection skills. It is an independent program, with a data pool of more than 320,000 lesions.

Under the new RACGP CPD system for 2023-25, the audit qualifies for:

6 hours - Reviewing Performance, 19 hours – Measuring Outcomes for a total of 25 hours for the triennium.

Skin Audit Brochure

CST Audit

Clinipath Pathology was proactive in providing comprehensive materials for practitioners to assist with transition to the CST.

We can now also provide further support with a CST audit. This provides comparative statistical data to better understand the implications of the new reporting system.

Click here to for details on the information this audit provides you. 


CST Audit Brochure