SG 2020

Genetic testing is changing the face of modern pathology

Sonic Genetics brings the national and international expertise of our genetic testing laboratories to help doctors, patients, and families across Australia make informed choices about medical decisions.

The ability to analyse genes is having a revolutionary impact on healthcare. Rapid technological advances impact all areas of clinical medicine, creating new opportunities to identify genetic disorders in infancy, and to confirm diagnoses that were not previously possible.

Other genetic tests can be used to predict the clinical safety and efficacy of medications, or to guide best treatment for some cancers. Genetic testing can also be used to define the risk of certain diseases in members of families with serious genetic disorders, potentially allowing earlier intervention for those at risk.

Sonic Genetics is at the forefront of this emerging field. With specialised genetic laboratories across Australia, UK, Europe and USA.

Below are some of the key diagnostic tests available. For more detailed information, visit Sonic Genetics