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COVID, Flu, or...?

Cases of respiratory viruses, including COVID, Influenza A, RSV, and others remain in our community and are not possible to distinguish clinically.

Where testing is indicated for management of symptomatic patients, it is important to request a Respiratory Virus PCR - which will include COVID testing.

A throat and nose swab (both nostrils) must be performed. One swab can be used for the Respiratory Virus PCR.

Patients must present with a Doctor referral. State run COVID clinics do not provide this testing.

Referring Respiratory virus Testing

Request "COVID/Respiratory Virus PCR", and patient will be tested for

  • COVID-19 + influenza A, B, RSV, Adenovirus, Rhinovirus, Parainfluenza, Human metapneumovirus

For just COVID, request "COVID ONLY"

For further guidance, please call our Microbiologist on 9371 4340

To be eligible for a Medicare rebate, patients must have a doctor referral

Sample Collection Options

  • Drive Thrus or designated walk in clinic
  • Self Collection

At collection, patients are to bring their request form or present their electronic referral, received via SMS.

Any patient self-collected samples must be returned with a printed request form.

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