Extended Semen Analysis

We have partnered with specialists in fertility across WA to provide an Extended Semen Analysis test for assessing male factor infertility / subfertility. 

Conventional / Routine Semen Analysis is available by apppointment only. Please have your patients call 9371 4330 for details of testing locations.

This comprehensive test provides the following, in addition to conventional semen analysis;


Antisperm Antibody Test (ASAB)

Anti-sperm antibodies bind to the cell membranes of the sperm, coating them and affecting sperm function. They are produced in an auto-immune response to semen. Sperm antibodies have been found in around 13% of couples experiencing fertility issues.

DNA Fragmentation

DNA Fragmentation testing examines the integrity of the DNA inside the sperm head. Smoking, exposure to chemicals and high temperatures, increased male BMI and advanced age can cause damage to the DNA inside sperm. This can lead to a reduction in fertilisation rates, poor embryo development, reduced implantation and increased miscarriage rates.

EAS Test Table