Specialist Clinic - Specialist Service.

  • Expertise

  • Dosing Flexibility

  • Choice of Specialists

  • Experienced Nurses

  • Procedure-specific equipment

  • Private Clinic

  • ASADA Approved Clinic


  • We provide a comprehensive service, with every patient assessed by a Haematologist. As a specialist clinic, our aim is to investigate, diagnose and manage the underlying causes of deficiency.
  • We have the resources of a major laboratory onsite, enabling a complete patient assesment, drawing on experts in Immunology and Biochemistry, as necessary. This helps us determine if underlying conditions are preventing iron absorbtion, and address the root cause of deficiency. These can include Coeliac's, Crohn's and Von Willebrand's diseases, or any heamatological causes. 
  • Our Haematologists will explain the diagnosis, the options for treatment, and provide a plan for maintaining iron levels.  
Dosing Flexibility:

We can administer up to 1500mg of iron if necessary. This can be assessed by the Haematologist during the infusion, and will not require a second visit.

Choice of Specialists:

We have a team of Heamatologists available for consultation. See the link below to view our doctors profiles.  

Experienced Nurses:

Our nurses are highly experienced, with over 20 years experience. Infusions are performed daily, so our nurses are skilled and practiced, making the procedure as comfortable as possible for patients.  

Procedure-specific Equipment:

Our cannulas are specific for infusions, and our nursing expertise ensures less chance of Iron tattoo / staining.

Private Clinic:

Purpose built bays, with patient privacy and 1:1 nursing care.

ASADA Approved Clinic:

We are fully aware of ASADA regulations for athletes, and can perform infusions that ensure athletes remain ASADA compliant.

Easy access and Parking:

Centrally located in Osborne Park, we have plenty of free parking onsite for patients.