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Did you know you can use your referral form at any laboratory?

We are a major WA Laboratory, and have been helping your doctor look after the health of West Australians for over 30 years.

With a network of over 200 centres around WA, there will be one close to you.

Pathology informs 70% of medical decisions and diagnoses 100% of cancers

Until COVID, Pathology was a mostly an invisible part of healthcare, but every time you go for a blood test, you are accessing one of the critical services that manage your health.

Pathology looks at the causes and processes of disease, by measuring changes in body tissues, blood and other body fluids.

Who are Pathologists?

Pathologists play a vital role in providing patient care. They are specialist doctors and train for years to be experts in their discipline. They are often consulted by your doctor, to help interpret results and form management plans.

They carry out tests on blood and tissues for your doctor or surgeon, which help diagnose illness or monitor treatments. 

We often get questions about blood tests, fasting and bookings. Click below for details.