Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is a wide field. Some commonly used terms may mean different things.

Ancestry & Genealogy "DNA" Testing

This is sometimes called 'recreational' testing. This is not genetic pathology testing, but it can determine country of origin and geographical family history. Clinipath and Sonic do not provide this kind of testing.

Paternal DNA Testing

This testing establishes if people are related. It is highly regulated by our court system, and can only be performed by accredited laboratories such as Clinipath Pathology.

Medical Genetics 

These diagnose a range of diseases including inherited disorders and cancers. This testing is only performed as part of a medical consultation, and your doctor will use an accredited laboratory to provide a pathology report.

Clinipath Pathology offers a range of Medical Genetic testing. See links below. These tests are best discussed with your doctor.

Please note: Medicare only provides a rebate for the Cystic Fibrosis Preconception gene test. This is subject to specific medical criteria, and is only available when requested by a specialist.