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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry. Keep a record of any symptoms or unusual events if possible on a sheet of paper.

Return to the collection centre at the nominated time and you can fill out another.

We need the referral form to meet Medicare rebate requirements. If you can’t locate it, you must obtain another from your doctor. The monitor fitting cannot commence without it.

No, it will turn off automatically after its designated time.

That’s OK. You can document this in the diary. Even if you don’t, we will recognise nothing interesting happened at that point in time.

If you are unable to attend then a friend or relative can drop it off for you. Please ensure they arrive at or before the time indicated on the diary.

If they cannot do so at the allocated time, please call the centre that applied the monitor. Calling them as soon as you know,will make it easier to organise the other patients requiring the monitor.


Losing one lead is fine. The monitor is still recording valuable information. Just pop it back on. It will clip on to the sticky dot / electrode.

Two leads coming off is a problem. Reconnect as quickly as possible by snapping them back into position. Refer to the diary for colour attachment location.

All forms of ultrasound, blood and respiratory testing is fine to undertake.

X-ray and CT scans are fine as long as they are not of the chest. The wires will get in the way.

Under no circumstance should you undergo a MRI.  (Magnetic resonance imaging scan.) The device will be damaged.

The dots used are hypoallergenic to minimise skin irritation. If the ones presented during fitting are known to be an issue, an alternative style can be applied instead.

Red marks removing dots are often a normal response to the adhesive. Its not an allergic response. It can take a couple days for the redness to settle. If the skin is itchy, raised or sore then consult a Pharmacist. Balms and creams can provide relief.

In the very unlikely event of having an adverse reaction to sticky dots / electrodes, consult your local Pharmacist or Healthcare Professional. Symptoms are temporary and resolve quickly with treatment.

Yes, the unit and wires will be placed under clothes which will allow you to change freely.

Less leads means you wont easily get tangled up, and the small size of the device means it won't get in your way.

Be assured this monitor is a market leading device, which obtains the highest quality information for you.

This can happen rarely after physical exertion or on humid days. Simply towel down the area to reattach. It doesn’t need to go exactly back in original position. Anywhere close is fine.

If it keeps recurring, return to the centre you had your fitting and ask for a replacement electrode. If it happens out of hours, don’t worry the unit is still collecting information. 

Please call 000. Your safety is important to us, we can collect the monitor from a hospital.

Yes. But only when its time to return it. If you take it off early, we have limited information collected.

The best method to remove the sticky dots / electrodes is to pull the electrode from top to bottom. Don’t remove by pulling the wires.

Remove the monitor at home, or in the car when attending the centre. Place the unit and diary in the return box at reception. No one you need to see anyone, unless you need to raise something with staff.

You can request staff remove the monitor for you, but please be aware wait times may occur.

You can only have one fitting in every four-week period, except in exceptional circumstances where a report could not be provided.

Medicare will only allow for one rebate. The procedure will be an out of pocket expense otherwise.